Our Income and Supplement Sources

Elder with her mushroom cultivation


Ms Kengkham, Khmu ethnic women, 53 years old, lives with her husband in Nongkham village, Viengphoukha district recieves training on mushroom cultivation and cultivation equipments through implementing of LWF Laos Rights Based Empowerment Project (RBEP) in Viengphoukha district, Luangnamtha province. The training provides her cultivation skills, alternative income sources and healthy supplement.

Kengkham is now able to generate additional income from selling her mushroom production to her neighbors, she can earn it up to 200,000 LAK or equivalence to 25USD a month, this increased amount will be accumuated monthly, and she had saved 25% of them to buy cultivation equipments and seeds once those existing ones are expired. In addition, having exisiting vegetable home garden and make plastic recycle products also multiply this additional benefits for her and family. Kengkham is always join LWF fair market periodically to display her mushroom, plastic recylce products and local vegetable, she is a keen learner and vibrant to share her stories and kowledge with others vendors in the fair. 

Together We Can Do More.