Innovation of Rice Planting

Story by:          Sommai Maniseng

Photo by:         Sommai Maniseng 

Rice planting is the majority occupation of the communities of LWF operation areas, 90% of population do shifting cultivation in upland due to geographical areas and long standing practices of the communities. LWF provides rice seeds for low land rice planting to the villagers and help them to manage their existing land as planting areas. People now understand different planting techniques and innovation to improve their rice plantation. This intervention can shorten travel distance for women and children, bring productive harvesting and rice is more tasty and costly.  

Mr Kormee receives 20 kgs rice seed to begin his rice cultivation; harvesting produces him more than 700 kg, he gives 20 kgs circulated to other poor households in sequences, and this form will be carried out until last of households. he estimates that 40 kgs of rice will be seeded in the following season which will be doubled as a result of production, he uses his rice to exchange with his neighbors cooking ingredient such as salt, sugar and oils as well as households utensils.


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